Personal Faith Statement of Michael J Kappel

The contents of this page are personal faith beliefs of Michael J. Kappel (only). Mr. Kappel is Chairman/CEO of Patriot Software, LLC These statements are not intended to make representations for anyone else including (but not limited to) the customers, employees, vendors, etc., of Patriot or any of the companies it holds. These statements are not intended to offend anyone of other beliefs, but are simply intended to give credit to God for the success of Mr. Kappel. If you are not interested in knowing Mr. Kappel’s personal faith beliefs of God’s involvement within the Patriot companies, you are encouraged to discontinue reading this page at this point.

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To Whom it May Concern:

As the founder of the Patriot companies, I too recognize the importance of having strong Christian values at the heart of our foundation. I am not offended or embarrassed to say that God the Father, God the Son (who is Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit are completely responsible for my personal success in all areas (especially my role in the Patriot companies).

Years ago I decided to make Jesus Christ the CEO of my life and of all my worldly belongings, including the companies I own. I confer with Him on all matters, and I try hard to do what’s right. This includes conducting daily company activities in a Christian-business-like manner (e.g., by working hard, providing the best value and service to our customers, conduct all dealings with honesty and integrity, and walking in love, etc.) And, it’s obvious that many employees in the Patriot companies embrace and demonstrate these Christian-business principles, and I thank them for that!

Just as our nation has been blessed for our bold proclamations and faith in God, I too believe that operating the Patriot companies with these core Christian values (and proclaiming these values) will ensure our long-term success.

– Michael J. Kappel